Residential Renovations

We know you love your home, but it is aging now. Kids are getting older and need more room to play, and finally, it’s time to build that master suite you’ve wanted forever! Our skilled home-enhancing professionals can bring your vision to life.

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Sewer Scope

Do you have your heart set on an old house that is in excellent shape?

Such structures have a lot of character, so it makes sense that they have drawn your attention. But along with ageless beauty come underlying issues. Simply put: the materials used in plumbing may have degraded. Our top-class sewer inspections can give you a closer look and prevent unpleasant blockages in your drainage system.

We use an advanced plumbing camera to perform a sewer scope check. An HD image will show invasive tree roots, damages, and other obstructions. With the help of our report, you will get actionable information that will help you avoid unforeseen maintenance costs.

An early sewer scope inspection will save you a lot of money by protecting your lifelong investment.

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Residential Renovations

Wood-Destroying Insects

Nobody loves having uninvited guests in their homes, which is where we come in handy. We bring our customers the most reliable and environment-friendly termite inspection services.

These insatiable wood eaters can quickly weaken your home’s foundation and other wooden structures within.

In a year, termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage in the residential sector, and to no surprise, it is not even insured. Due to their minute size, they can go undetected for years, but our professional termite inspectors will detect and take all the necessary steps to eliminate them.

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wood destroying insects
pool inspection

Pool & Spa Inspection 

A pool can significantly add value to your home. But, if it turns out to be leaky or malfunctioning, it might also become an expensive problem. Before signing any paperwork, ensure the pool is working perfectly; otherwise, you may regret your decision later.

Call us for professional and certified pool inspection services.

Your spa or pool’s cleanliness, lifespan, and comfort can all be greatly improved with routine pool inspections. A dirty or broken pool might create dangerous situations for your family and loved ones.

To ensure the safety of your family, connect with our team today and get a detailed inspection report on the pool area, pool filter, pool plumbing, control valves, and pool & spa accessories.

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Mold Inspection

If you feel a pungent smell in your home near the walls, corners, and other damp places, it must be mold. Mold can quickly spread in your home; in 48 hours, it can spread on the entire wall. Call us for professional mold inspection services and protect your loved ones from respiratory problems.

We know that many homeowners believe they’ll discover mold when they see it, but let us be clear that this is often not the case. Only a professional mold inspection team can help you spot the damage. Mold pollutes the air quality of your home, causing breathing problems for your loved ones.

Your search for mold inspection near me has ended. Give our team a call for a complete mold assessment to create a safe atmosphere for your family.

mold inspection
thermal imaging inspection​

Thermal Imaging Inspection

Before making a final decision, we always recommend our clients to consult us for a thorough thermal inspection of the property. Many hidden problems in a house can be identified with infrared technology, such as moisture, heat, and energy leaks, pest infestations, foundation fissures, ventilation issues, missing insulation, and structural issues.

Our thermal inspectors have trained eyes to catch the first sign of a problem and potential problem areas. But still, they can’t see everything. While the damage may be slightly visible to the naked eye, an infrared camera can precisely pinpoint the location of problems that can cause severe damage to your home.

Unforeseen issues can be discovered via infrared imaging, which could prevent challenges in the future. Call us today for a thermal imaging inspection and add more value to your beloved property.

chimney inspection​

Chimney & Fireplace Inspection

Our skilled chimney inspectors will thoroughly examine the chimney from top to bottom, inside and out. We know that minor flaws can significantly impact the durability and safety of your chimney system.

The number one adversary of a chimney is water damage, which can occur at any time and lead to hazardous conditions. What may appear to be minor damage now could become a more significant problem, causing an expensive repair in the future. Don’t put off your chimney check, and keep yourself safe from any hazards.

The majority of homeowners know the importance of routine maintenance of the heating and cooling systems. But when it comes to annual chimney inspections, they fall short and ignore them. Regardless of how frequently it is used, we advise our clients to have their chimney system examined annually.

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