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Protecting Your Property and Mitigating Future Liabilities through Expert Environmental Testing and Mold Assessment

The importance of hiring the right professional the first time. More than Just Inspectors. Your building was built and surveyed by professionals, so why should you have it 3rd party inspect?

Engineers create macro developments and require specific micro detail to ensure your home is built to proper industrial practices in an industrial area. Regulating governmental entities known as municipalities review these plans and have engineers and inspectors verify detail and require correction of spotted deficiencies prior to progression of construction projects. Their job is to ensure construction is up to a certain standard but not necessarily predict future use issues or deviations from standards that may cause building materials to fail prematurely. Some of the more critical deficiencies to address are those allowing moisture in or failing to provide adequate indoor and outdoor air quality to habitants.

If you suspect you have mold growth in a property you own, you’ll want to hire the right professionals to ensure you are released from any future liability. You have to have a M.A.C. Mold assessment consultant to gain state clearance. If you own real estate and your property contains more than 25 sq feet of continuously visible mold, or fungal fragments of Flavus, Fumigatas, Fusarium, Moniliforme, Stachybotrys, Chartarum, Aspergillus, Trichoderma, Chaetomium, an select species of Penicillium. The Indoor air quality experts at Infinite Inspect are well-versed in the IICRC R520 Professional Guide for Mold Remediation. We’re experts in the Department of Labor, OSHA, and EPA Guidelines. We’ve been working with insurance companies, Builders, Engineers, Architects, Governmental entities, Property Management Companies, developers, and homeowners for over a decade. Over a decade working with insurance companies, builders, and engineers.

The state of Texas requires A Notice of Mold Damage Remediation 5 calendar days before the start of work. In certain emergency situations for fear of rapid spread or threat to human or public safety, when containment isn’t an option. Notification can be sent after if your professional documents the case for deviation from the standard. The client should receive a Remediation work plan from their contractor following the criteria defined for safety and clearance in the Mold Protocol provided by the Mold Assessment Consultant.

The Containment barrier must remain in place as the Mold assessment consultant oversees the completion of the Remediation ensuring all protocol criteria was met and the source of moisture intrusion is corrected. The certificate of mold damage remediation will be provided to the customer by the mild remediation company within 10 days. Mold assessment technicians can provide lab results during an initial mold assessment but upon confirmation of a protocol being necessary they can only provide samples during a clearance under the direct supervision of a Mold Assessment Consultant.

I’m conclusion, if you’re looking for expert environmental testing, indoor air quality, water quality, mold testing, mold protocols, state required clearance releasing building owner of liability, call the experts at Infinite Inspect.