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Phase Two Environmental Site Assessments

phase 2 environmental site assessments

At Infinite Inspect P.L.L.C., we provide Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments (E.S.A.s), performed by a Professional team of Engineers and Geoscientists.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (E.S.A.) is generally conducted following a Phase 1 E.S.A. While Phase 1 E.S.A. is more theoretical and only determines potential issues, the purpose behind phase II of the Environmental Site Assessment is to determine if such contamination exists and to what extent.

Your site requires Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment if your site is or has been used for potentially contaminating activities. Such activities/uses may include dry cleaning, auto repairs, manufacturing, gas service station, or scrap yard. Additionally, the presence of any aboveground or underground storage tanks within the site is also considered a potential environmental concern.

The Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment is completed following the standard, and the sampling procedure typically follows the North Texas Environment guidelines.