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Everything You Can Expect From Your Commercial Inspection Service

commercial inspection service

Discover everything your commercial inspection services will include, and be prepared and ready so that your property will pass with flying colors.

Everything You Can Expect From Your Commercial Inspection Service

Did you know the national building inspection market is valued at $5.1 billion?

When you’re getting ready for a commercial building sale, it’s important to understand the inspection process. Knowing what commercial inspection services are and what’s included will help you protect yourself and your investment.

If you’re asking yourself what does a home inspector look for and what’s included in a commercial inspection, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the services.

Who to Hire

When you’re searching for someone to do your inspection, you have a couple of options. You can hire an architect or engineer. However, this will cost you a significant amount of money.

The next option is to hire a commercial building inspector. The company you choose should offer commercial inspection services.

There is a difference between residential and commercial inspections. If they specialize in commercial properties, they will understand that your building is a place of business and a large investment. 

Commercial Inspection Checklist

Inspections are in place for buyers to assess their potential ROI (return on investment), and it’s a way to protect them. If there is an issue with the property, you as a buyer, might not want to purchase it or will want it fixed before you commit.

You’ll also need to know if the building’s documentation is all up to date. This may include the certificate of occupancy, surveys, floor plans, and records of maintenance and repairs.

The inspector will estimate the life span of the building. This includes the internal and external structure, roofing, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system.

Building System’s

If the property inspector in Dallas, TX finds an issue with the heating and cooling system, plumbing, or electrical, they will estimate the cost of repairs. The systems may be in great working condition, and they may give you a timeline for when you may need to repair or replace them. The inspector will also check the fire alarms, so you don’t have to worry about that either.


When you’re looking at the exterior of a building, there may be issues that you don’t see or notice. Before you purchase a building or sign a tenant lease agreement, you want to know that it is structurally sound and safe.

That’s why the home inspector comes to check everything. During the commercial inspection in Frisco, the roof will be checked for any damage. The parking lot will also be inspected for issues.


The building’s interior includes the walls, bathrooms, kitchen, and office spaces. Similar to the exterior, the inside will be inspected for hazards. The report will also tell you if something isn’t within local building codes and regulations.

Commercial Inspection Process

After the initial inspection, the inspector will create a report. They may go back to the building for a second time to review certain parts of the commercial building again. The inspector will have researched the property and included everything he/she believes the buyer needs to know before the purchase goes through.

Keep in mind the house inspector in Dallas, TX is an expert in their field, but the report is subjective and based on their professional opinion. They likely won’t give you cost estimates, so you’ll need to get quotes for repairs. Be sure to ask, “how much does a home inspector cost.”

For example, if the roof needs to be replaced, the inspector will likely advise you to reach out to a roofing company for a quote. There are many types so properties and inspections that we offer, including commercial property inspection, commercial property tenant lease inspection, CCPIA geese trap inspection, retail commercial property inspections, and office real estate inspection.

We also include multi-unit residential property inspection, industrial building inspection, commercial roofing inspection, triple net lease inspections (NNN Lease), draw inspection, commercial air quality inspection, and residential air quality inspection for those you need it.

Commercial Inspection Services

A basic certified property inspection in Dallas, TX, typically doesn’t include testing for toxins. If you’re worried about lead paint or radon gas, you’ll need to ask for those services. If they don’t provide them, you’ll have to reach out to a separate company.

Another great service that some companies provide is elevating how energy efficient your building is. This may help you get discounts on your insurance, and your local government may also have incentives for being a green facility.

The cost for a commercial property inspection is typically based on the size of your property. Extra services may cost you a little extra, but it’ll be worth having peace of mind.

Here is a list of inspections that you can have included:

  • Stucco Inspection
  • Mold Inspection
  • Wood Destroying Insect Inspection (WDI)
  • Environmental Testing
  • Termite Inspections


Be sure to look at the qualifications and reputation of the inspector before hiring a home Inspector in Dallas TX. They need to be CCPIA TNT. They should also meet the INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS OF PRACTICE FOR INSPECTING COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES.

You’ll want to be sure your inspector is educated and experienced. Someone who is new to the industry may overlook something important costing you significantly.

This will ensure you are getting the best of the best and you won’t have to worry about them missing something in the inspection.

Buyers vs Sellers

If you are purchasing a commercial building, you can attend the inspection. You can bring a list of questions with you so the inspector can address your concerns. A few examples of questions you may have include:

  • Are there systems that need repairs
  • Which should I repair first
  • Are there warranties on the property

If you’re selling a commercial property, be sure the inspector has access to all the appropriate areas. This may require you to clear out the closets and move furniture around.

Commercial Inspector Near Me

Purchasing a commercial building can be a long and stressful process. It’s a large investment, and you want to be sure you are protected before you go through with the deal.

Hiring a home inspector in Dallas, TX is a great way to ensure the property is safe to buy. If you’re in need of commercial inspection services, contact us here.

You can also search “home inspector near me” or “home inspector jobs near me.” We have helped many people, and we can help you too.