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Complete Guidance on Becoming an Apprentice Home Inspector

apprentice home inspector

If you’re looking for a career change guidance that’s worth it, take a look at what it takes to be an apprentice home inspector here.

Did you know that home inspector jobs are expected to increase by 10% by 2026?
Home inspections have played an essential role in the real estate industry. As the need for housing, properties, and rentals rises, so does the demand for home inspections.
This growing industry is one of the most effective methods for assisting and protecting home buyers, sellers, and renters in making significant financial and life decisions.
To work as a home inspector, you need to be a dedicated individual, full of rigor, knowledgeable enough to grasp what buyers want, and informed enough to understand precisely when to turn buyers away.
If you’re looking for valuable career guidance, take a closer look at starting a career as a home inspector by understanding the role of an apprentice home inspector below.

The Texas Home Inspector Career Is One Full of Rigor

A home inspector is a licensed expert who thoroughly inspects a property that is part of a real estate deal. A home inspector can function for either the buyer or the seller. 
There are three home inspector licenses issued by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).  
All TREC-licensed home inspectors must complete the Standard Inspection Report Form (REI 7-6) to report problems on an inspection. This is to make sure that all reports are consistent.

The Home Inspector – Apprentice

An Apprentice Inspector license is the first level of licensing available. As an apprentice home inspector, you’ll be the person to help your mentor and home buyers make informed decisions about their new homes. Your services will be needed to inspect the condition of homes and spot any signs of defects.
An Apprentice Inspector must train directly under the guidance of a qualified Real Estate Inspector. There are a few sponsoring inspectors for an apprenticeship in the DFW area, for example, Infinite Home Inspector
An Apprentice can take the Real Estate Inspector exam after getting experience under this guidance and completing specified academic qualifications.
You have a year from the date you submit your application to complete all license requirements. TREC will email you an apprentice inspector license once you have completed all license requirements.
What do you need to qualify for an Apprentice Inspector? 
You are a United States citizen or have been legitimately admitted to the country
You have to be at least 18 or older to enter into an apprenticeship
You must have the sponsorship of a qualified inspector
Applicants must demonstrate that they meet the TREC’s requirements for truthfulness, integrity, and honesty
Let’s face it; this job is full of rigor. To help with your application, you may want to get a fitness determination certificate before applying for your license. 

The Intermediate Real Estate Inspector

A Real Estate Inspector is a licensed individual at the intermediate level. A candidate must:
Be an Apprentice Inspector
Meet specific experience and training qualifications while working as an Apprentice Inspector
Pass an exam to obtain their license
In addition, a Real Estate Inspector must work under the guidance of a Professional Real Estate Inspector.

The Professional Real Estate Inspector

The top level of inspector license holder available in Texas is the Professional Real Estate Inspector. An applicant for this level must:
Be a Real Estate Inspector
Gain specific expertise in the field and meet training qualifications while operating as a Real Estate Inspector
Pass an exam to obtain this license
To perform a real estate inspection, a Professional Real Estate Inspector does not need to be supported or guided by another license holder. 

Steps to Take When Choosing An Home Inspector Career

When choosing home inspection as a career, there are four steps to take into consideration. 

1. Investigate Your State’s Laws and Licensing Laws

Understanding the requirements and licenses to be a home inspector in your state is the first step in your new career. Understand this first step and what:
You need to do
Requirements you must have
How many hours of courses must you complete
Exams you must take
For example, some states, such as Idaho, only require a high school diploma and no license. Others, such as Texas, involve:
Taking courses
Passing exams
Getting a license
Taking an apprenticeship
Since it varies, getting details for your specific state is essential. Research is key!

2. Ensure That You Satisfy All the Necessary Requirements

Make sure you’re following state regulations. In Texas, for example, you must complete the steps mentioned above.
If you live in a state that only requires an exam to get your license, do everything you can to pass it. If this includes enrolling in courses that help you pass the exam and learn how to become a home inspector, that gives you the edge.

3. Get On the Job Experience

Getting a mentor is always recommended to understand the industry better, such as working with your sponsor. This way, you will learn all you can about inspecting a home.
However, your experience must encompass more than just home inspection training. Get experience in:
All aspects of real estate
Learning to deal with people
Learning the ins and outs of construction
It is best to be well-rounded and knowledgeable about every facet of building and home ownership. This will equip you with the necessary knowledge to become an outstanding home inspector.

4. Always Refresh Your Education

Even if you pass your exams and courses, it is a good idea to adopt an ever-learning attitude to keep up to date with new trends and home inspection industry changes.
The better home inspector you are, the more parts of a house you know and feel comfortable inspecting.

Be the Holmes of Home Inspection!

A home inspection career is a solid choice for many reasons. First, it has the advantages of high earnings potential and being a stable industry. Eventually, it also offers you the opportunity to work for yourself. 
Are you looking for an exciting career full of rigor? Contact me. I offer apprenticeships to candidates who meet the proper requirements!